The LOGIC behind removing the evil eye “NAZAR UTAARNA”

It is often seen in our community that whenever someone is ill esp. a child, people recommend to ward off the evil eye by a lemon or salt or by oil or some other old way of doing it.

I am often asked about the logic behind it so here is the answer.

We all are surrounded by an electromagnetic field of energy that extends all around our body for about 4-5feet in healthy people which is known as AURA. When we get sick this aura reduces and the amount of negative energy increases around us.

The items such as lemon, salt, oil etc have a very a strong aura and can remove the negative energies near your body thus increasing your own aura and making you feel better..

So whenever someone is rotating a lemon, salt, camphor etc to help a person feel better, don’t just scorn it off as a superstition it actually works as a science.

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