Handwriting Analysis

What does the pen pressure tell you in Hand Writing Analysis


The pen pressure of a writer indicates his physical and emotional energy. A writer May write with heavy, medium or light pressure, interpretations of which are given below.

• The person who uses heavy pressure is stubborn and takes things too seriously.
• First reacts and then analyses the situation.
• Has great physical and mental energy.
• Fights till the end to achieve something.
• Good administration qualities.
• Is Ambitious.


• The person who uses light pen pressure has low energy.
• The person is flexible and adapts to the environment.
• Prefers to work in an environment where physical strength needed is low.
• Is sensitive and feminish in nature.
• Empathetic to people.
• Cannot work continuously for a long time.
• Hesitates arguments.
• Is careless.

A person who uses moderate pressure is balanced and stable in nature.

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Khushboo Shokeen
Astrology Club

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