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Today am giving you some lucky name numbers in numerology with their meanings…Name Number is very important in numerology because it is the only number that can be changed to suit your root/destiny number.

If your name numbers is against your root/destiny number your life will be full of struggle…

• Destiny Number/Lucky Number/Name Number-In Numerology Name number is the sum of the numbers of the alphabets in the name. Name number is related to root number. Because a person may have many names like his pet name official name etc it is difficult to decide which name is to be considered for deciding the lucky number. Numerology clearly mentions that the name mostly used to address the person has to be taken in consideration to decide the lucky number.

Some lucky numbers in numerology are as below:

Number Result
10 This is a powerful number. People with no. 10 can earn good name and fame. But the result deeply depends on their efforts. This no. represents fame, self confidence, belief, success. These people have the potential to change their destiny.

17 Lucky number. It denotes the end of all problems and difficulties and it takes a person to good heights. It gives you name and fame. But if this number is composed of 4 and 8 it is considered to be very unlucky.

19 A very lucky number. People get happiness, success, fame. Their plans are fulfilled and they achieve their goals.

23 A very lucky number. It gives success and it denotes help from other powerful people.

24 This number denotes success because of love. Such people rise in life with the help of opposite sex.This is a lucky number.

32 This number is very lucky. Denotes fame, success and self confidence. You should trust your instincts and be determined on your decisions. If you listen to others advice much you would face problems in your life.

37 This is a powerful number. Such people get success in love and friendship both. They benefit in a partnership. Such people rise with the help of opposite sex.


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