Bedrooms according to vastu

 The mater bedroom room ought to be on the southwest or northwest side of the house according to vastu.

 According to vastu Kids need to have rooms in the northwest or west, visitor rooms should be in the northwest or northeast side. An eastern room may be utilized for unmarried kids or for visitors.

 The north-east is the corner of the gods accordingly; no room ought to be in this bearing. A room in north-east gives loss of riches, hindrance in work and defer in marriage of youngsters.

 A south-west room gives strength and quality to manage essential issues according to vastu.

 Room in south-east gives rise to restlessness, stresses and conjugal issues. South-east is controlled by Agni or fire in Vastu which identifies with self-assuredness and forceful disposition. Bashful and tentative kids can utilize this room and get certainty. Individuals who are by nature forceful and factious should avoid this room.

 North-west is governed by Vayu or Air and identifies with development or travel. This is a decent territory for eligible little girl’s room. This is additionally a decent zone for having the visitor room according to vastu.

 Room ought not be in the focal part of the house called Brahmasthan in Vastu. It pulls in a considerable measure of vitality which is not suitable for room implied for rest and slumber.

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