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“Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do.” ― J.P. Morgan




Tarot card reading is a subject of meditation and spirituality. It is used to predict future using cards and their symbols.
Tarot card readers believe that the future is already fed in a human's sub conscious mind and by meditation and vibrations, we try to achieve the answer through a tarot card reading. In tarot each color, sign, number and symbol has its own meaning.
This study is specially used in cases of confusion like for knowing about career, marriage or business. When a person is in a delusion he can use tarot reading to take a decision.

A Tarot perusing is similar to a depiction of what your life looks like at the time of the reading. The cards tune into your vitality - the individual posing the question - to provide for you a picture of unseen impacts,struggles, strengths, and qualities. A reading can provide for you a thought of where you are presently, where you've originated from, where you need to be, and how to get there.

Astrology Club here, our online tarot card reading & consultancy helps people in finding answers to some unsolved questions online, over phone, and detailed analysis can be done by taking appointment to meet our Experts. We offer genuine and the best remedies too, that have proven to be result oriented.


Online Reading on -Love / Arrange Marriage   INR 500 Per Session

Know online if you will maary who you love

Are your dating your Mr.Right?
When will your get married? Love or arrange marriage?
Tensions in your relationship?

Find answers online for all these questions and many more related to your love life.

Online Reading on Business / Finance INR 500 Per Session

online tarot card reading about your career and business

Want your business to prosper?
Remove evil eye from your business?
When will you get a promotion?
when will you get a job?

Let us help you in getting your business on the right track with tarot reading online.  Know all about your career,finances and business.

Online Reading on- Career / Education INR 500 Per Session

know which career to choose through online tarot card reading

Unable to decide which career to choose?
Want to study abroad?
Will you be able to get higher education?

This online tarot reading session is specially for students to helps achieve success with minimum efforts.

Online Reading on- Own House           INR 500 Per Session

Know when will you buy your own house through online tarot card reading

Want to know when will you buy your house?
Want to shift to a new house?
Want to check is this house lucky for you?

Let our experts answer your queries about your dream home through tarot card predictions.This will help you plan accordingly and fulfill the most precious dream-your beautiful home.

General Tarot Reading Online             INR 500 Per Session

Know when the court case will finish thorugh online tarot reading

When will your court case finish?
When will i go abroad?
When will i get a new car?

You can ask any of these questions or any other issue that your are facing in this reading.

Detailed Tarot Card Reading Online   INR 2100 Per Session

       Married life analysis through online tarot reading

In this session you are free to discuss as many issues as you want.

Our experts will thoroughly analyse all the possible outcomes and guide you with the best remedies possible through tarot card predictions.

online tarot reading

Know your HEALTH through your palm reading by our Experts Online!

Your palm can help you escape all health hazards.

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Online Tarot card predictions

GIFT a LUCKY NAME to your newborn!

Best gift for your baby-a lucky name that can fight all struggles

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Tarot card predictions in rohini


Is your business going down day by day?
Get detailed Vaastu Analysis of your home by our Experts and Get Best Remedies

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Online Tarot card reading

Check Kaalsarp Dosha in your horoscope



Know the best remedies to ward off all the side effects of KaalSarp dosha.

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Get solutions to relationship problems through numerology

Want to check your partner's loyalty?

Let us read your cards online and help you understand your relationship better.

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  • Build an Effective LOGO
  • Check Individual Name/Firm Name
  • Remove Negative Energies
  • Vastu Remedies
  • Compatibility Report
  • Remove Manglik Dosh
  • Remove Kaalsarp Dosh
  • Know your LUCKY Numbers
  • Gemstone Consultancy
  • Get your Singature Analysed
  • Vastu for Visiting Cards
  • Your Dream Home
  • Vastu on Maps
  • Signs in your Hands
  • Ask Three Questions
  • Ask One Question
  • Detailed Numerology Report
  • Detailed Palm Reading
  • Detailed Tarot Reading
  • Detailed Vastu Consultancy
  • Detailed Astrological consultancy

    Astrology Club is a consultancy run by a group of professional astrologers. We all have come together to help people manage their astrological aspects with ease and accuracy. We aim to provide you with the best of astrological services at a reasonable cost.

    We offer a variety of services related to Astrology, Numerology Tarot, Palmistry and Vastu so that you may benefit from all under one roof.

    In today's world it is seen that many misconceptions have grounded in people's heart related to Astrology and its branches, so at Astrology Club we make it a point to explain all we predict in a simple manner so that any layman can also understand how jyotish can affect his/her life.

    We provide all manual reports which ensures that our experts have worked exclusively on your report and no software predictions are given.

    FREE Consultancy Services

    Check is your name obstructing your success?? Our Free Prediction Services will help you achieve success with little efforts.

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    It was amazing.Acharya Sunder Lal's psychic disclosures left me slack jawed. How was he able to know such a great amount about me and my issues? It was life time experience to sit and discuss issues with him.His psychic perusing gave a tangential alter to the course of my life and I am on the right way now. Deeptii-Dubai

    I am writing this to convey my heartfelt thanks for helping me manage certain issue in my life through the utilization of tarot cards & Crystal Healing. My internal identity has been calmer and more satisfied Since Talking to her. Khushboo, your blessings of listening and knowledge are genuinely a gift to the individuals who connect with you Ashima - Jaipur

    “I want to thank Acharya Anshika for her wonderful reading. You have a great gift of predicting just so accurately. I was able to clearly understand the meanings of all that you explained and it helped me getting over my worries and problems just so easily. I felt very empowered by your reading and am so grateful to you.. Kuber-Delhi